How many concrete bags are in a cubic yard?

Let’s delve into the world of concrete bags and figure out how many you’ll need for a cubic yard. The number of concrete bags required depends on their size, and concrete bags come in a variety of weights, typically 40lb, 50lb, 60lb, 80lb, and 90lb. These bags contain ready-mix concrete, which is essentially a blend of cement, sand, and aggregate.

The weight of concrete varies depending on its density, determined by the grade of concrete used. Each grade of concrete has a distinct mix ratio, and different materials possess varying densities. However, as a general rule of thumb, ready-mix concrete is estimated to weigh approximately 133 lbs per cubic foot, 3600 lbs per cubic yard, and 4710 lbs per cubic meter.

How many concrete bags are in a cubic yard?

How Many Concrete Bags in a Cubic Yard

In the imperial measurement system, a cubic yard is a unit of volume, with 1 yard equaling 3 feet. This makes 1 cubic yard equivalent to 27 cubic feet, a system predominantly used in the United States.

Concrete Bags of 40lb in a Yard

Let’s start with 40lb concrete bags. Using our rule of thumb that 3600lbs of concrete is required for 1 cubic yard, we can calculate the number of 40lb bags needed by dividing 3600 by 40. The result? 90 bags of 40lbs for 1 cubic yard.

Concrete Bags of 50lb in a Cubic Yard

For 50lb concrete bags, applying the same logic, we divide 3600 by 50 to find that you’d require 72 bags of 50lbs for 1 cubic yard.

Concrete Bags of 60lb in a Cubic Yard

Moving on to 60lb concrete bags, once again dividing 3600 by 60, we determine that you’d need 60 bags of 60lbs for 1 cubic yard.

Concrete Bags of 80lb in a Cubic Yard

Now, for 80lb concrete bags, dividing 3600 by 80 yields 45 bags of 80lbs for 1 cubic yard.

Concrete Bags of 90lb in a Cubic Yard

Finally, for 90lb concrete bags, our calculation involves dividing 3600 by 90, and the result is 40 bags of 90lbs for 1 cubic yard.

Calculating for Multiple Cubic Yards

If you’re working with more than 1 cubic yard, simply multiply the number of bags needed for 1 cubic yard by the number of cubic yards you have. For example, for 2 cubic yards, you’d require 180 bags of 40lbs, 144 bags of 50lbs, 120 bags of 60lbs, 90 bags of 80lbs, and 80 bags of 90lbs.


Understanding how many concrete bags you need for a given cubic yardage is crucial for any construction project. Concrete bags come in various sizes, and this knowledge ensures you have the right amount of materials on hand to get the job done efficiently. Whether it’s a small DIY project or a large-scale construction endeavor, these calculations will guide you in your concrete bag requirements.

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