Calculator for Converting Feet/Inches/Fractions to Decimal Format

Imperial measurements, often used in the United States and a few other countries, can sometimes be challenging to work with due to their fractional nature. However, understanding how to convert these measurements into decimal format can simplify calculations and facilitate easier use in various applications. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the process of … Read more

Foundation Square Calculator – Building Square Calculator

In the realm of construction, aligning a foundation section on level terrain is a straightforward task, often achievable without the need for advanced surveying equipment. However, when dealing with sloped surfaces, the process demands additional considerations. Yet, with basic tools like a step ladder, straight lumber, and a level, the procedure mirrors that of level … Read more

Doyle Log Rule Calculator – Log Board Foot Calculator (Online)

In forestry, accurately estimating the volume of timber harvested is essential for sustainable management and efficient resource utilization. The Doyle Log Rule is a widely used method for estimating the board feet of timber in a log based on its dimensions. To streamline this process, we’ve developed the Doyle Log Rule Calculator, a user-friendly tool … Read more

Framing Calculator for Materials of Stud-Framed Walls

This calculator is designed to assist you in determining the necessary materials for constructing an exterior stud wall. Typical stud spacings in residential framing include 16″ O.C. (on center) and 24″ O.C. If your wall includes corners, you must specify the number of corners using the designated option. Each corner selected will necessitate the addition … Read more

Siding Calculator – James Hardie – Board / Siding / Lap Calculator Online

Here’s our free online Siding Calculator that helps you get the total number of siding boards (Fiber Cement / Engineered Wood). This online Calculator is designed to assist you in determining the amount of Fibre Cement or Engineered Wood siding needed to cover a wall. You can use this tool for different types of Fibre … Read more

Rafter Birdsmouth Calculator (online FREE)

Roof Framing – Birdsmouth and Rafter Birdsmouth Cut Calculator Have you ever wondered what exactly a birdsmouth is and why it’s crucial in roofing construction? Allow me to unveil the secrets behind this specialized cut that plays a pivotal role in ensuring the stability and longevity of roofing structures. At its core, a birdsmouth is … Read more

Rafter Calculator – Length – Slope (Free Online Calculator)

This online rafter calculator helps you calculate rafter length based on the roof slope ratio in inches per foot and the width of the building. The computation includes results for the hip/valley factor, slope factor, and the roof slope in degrees. If you include an eaves overhang dimension, the calculator will incorporate the extension of … Read more

Wood Beam Span Table Douglas Fir

Determining the appropriate span for wood beams, such as those made of Douglas Fir, is crucial in ensuring the structural integrity and safety of a construction project. Span tables provide guidelines for the maximum recommended distances between supports for different sizes and types of wood beams, taking into account factors such as the wood species, … Read more

Wood Beam Span Table Ontario

The Ontario Building Code plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and structural integrity of constructions within the province. One key aspect governed by the code is the determination of spans for joists, rafters, and beams. This guide will delve into the relevant regulations specified in Article of the Ontario Building Code, shedding … Read more