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In construction and various measurement-related fields, accurate conversions between different units are essential.

Whether it’s converting decimal feet to feet-inches, understanding the equivalence of inches in decimal feet, converting between feet and feet-inches, or calculating volume in cubic feet, each conversion serves a specific purpose.

In this article, we will delve into the methods and formulas used for these conversions and provide practical examples to facilitate understanding.

To convert a length expressed in decimal feet and inches to a format that includes feet, inches, and a fraction of an inch, you can follow a systematic process:

  1. Subtract Whole Feet:
    • Start by subtracting the whole feet amount from the given decimal. For instance, if the length is 22.657 feet, subtracting 22 leaves you with 0.657.
  2. Remove Whole Inches:
    • Next, remove the whole inches by multiplying the remaining decimal by 12, considering that there are 12 inches in a foot. For example, for 0.657, multiplying by 12 yields 7.884, indicating 7 whole inches.
  3. Subtract Whole Inches:
    • Now, subtract the whole inches obtained in the previous step from the result. In our example, subtracting 7 from 7.884 leaves 0.884.
  4. Express Decimal as a Fraction:
    • Express the decimal portion as a fraction with 1000 as the denominator. For 0.884, this translates to 884/1000.
  5. Choose Desired Denominator:
    • To make the fraction more user-friendly, you can choose a preferred denominator. Multiply the decimal portion by the chosen denominator and round to the nearest whole number. For instance, if you choose 8 as the denominator, 0.884 * 8 equals 7.072, which rounds to 7. This results in a fraction of 7/8.
  6. Combine Results:
    • Finally, combine all the obtained values. In our example of 22.657 feet, this translates to 22 feet – 7 inches – 7/8 inches.

In summary, the decimal feet amount of 22.657 is equivalent to 22 feet – 7 inches – 7/8 inches.

Decimal ft
Denominator #


Feet ft
Inches in
Fraction in
Usable Fraction in

Converting Decimal Feet to Feet-Inches

When working with measurements expressed in decimal feet, converting them into feet and inches can be useful for better visualization. To convert decimal feet to feet-inches, follow these steps:

  • Divide the decimal part by 0.0833 to convert it into inches.
  • The whole number part represents the feet, and the remainder represents the inches.

Example: Let’s convert 6.75 feet to feet-inches:

  • Divide 0.75 by 0.0833, which equals approximately 9 inches.
  • Therefore, 6.75 feet is equivalent to 6 feet 9 inches.

Understanding 1 Inch in Decimal Feet

In decimal feet, 1 inch is expressed as 0.0833 feet. This value is derived by dividing 1 inch by 12 inches (the number of inches in a foot). Therefore, 1 inch is equivalent to approximately 0.0833 feet.

Converting Feet to Feet and Inches

Converting feet to feet and inches involves breaking down the given measurement into its integral and fractional parts. Follow these steps:

    • The whole number part represents the feet.
    • To convert the fractional part into inches, multiply it by 12 (since there are 12 inches in a foot).
    1 foot12 inches
    2 feet24 inches
    3 feet36 inches
    4 feet48 inches
    5 feet60 inches
    6 feet72 inches
    7 feet84 inches
    8 feet96 inches
    9 feet108 inches
    10 feet120 inches
    11 feet132 inches
    12 feet144 inches


    Let’s convert 8.5 feet to feet and inches:

    • The whole number part is 8 feet.
    • Multiply 0.5 (the fractional part) by 12, which equals 6 inches.
    • Therefore, 8.5 feet is equivalent to 8 feet 6 inches.

    Understanding L * B * H in Feet

    In construction and volume calculations, L * B * H represents the length, width, and height of a three-dimensional object, typically measured in feet. To calculate the volume in cubic feet, multiply the length, width, and height together.

    Example: If we have a rectangular box with dimensions: Length (L) = 5 feet Width (B) = 3 feet Height (H) = 2 feet The volume would be calculated as follows: Volume = L * B * H = 5 feet * 3 feet * 2 feet = 30 cubic feet.

    InchDecimal of a Foot
    1 inch0.0833
    2 inches0.167
    3 inches0.250
    4 inches0.333
    5 inches0.417
    6 inches0.500
    7 inches0.583
    8 inches0.667
    9 inches0.750
    10 inches0.833
    11 inches0.917


    Accurate conversions between decimal feet, feet-inches, and cubic feet are essential in various fields, including construction, engineering, and design. By understanding the methods and formulas for these conversions and practicing with practical examples, professionals and enthusiasts alike can confidently work with measurements in different units, ensuring precision and accuracy in their projects.

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